Azur Lane: The Animation (Episode 2) – Ocean Clash

Last episode introduced us into the world of Azur Lane, a world full of girls who personify and weaponize historical warships. The factions were laid out, and the seeds of a major conflict were sown. How will things play out going forward?


The Eagle Union and Royal Navy (I’m just going to call them the Allies from here on out) are recovering from the damaging surprise attack by the Sakura Empire’s Kaga and Agaki carriers. Girls are being recovered and repaired in the aftermath. Little birds appear to be some sort of support staff that work towards helping the girls.

Afterwards the scene shifts to Kaga and Agaki, with Agaki literally licking one of Kaga’s wounds. The Iron Blood heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen is also present. Reports are received that their other carrier group has spotted an enemy pursuit fleet. Agaki gives them permission to engage – but also asks Prinz Eugen to accompany them, as the other carrier group are still rookies.

We then are introduced to the Allied pursuit fleet, before they are attacked by the Zuikaku. Zuikaku manages to put the pressure on, and almost defeats the pursuit fleet. But then the Enterprise arrives and pushes Zuikaku back. Enterprise however wasn’t fully repaired from last episode’s surprise attack, and so Zuikaku takes the upper hand. Just as Zuikaku is about to deliver a decisive blow, another warship girl blocks the attack and enters the fray…

Episode Thoughts

Well, it’s episode 2 and I’ve sort of given up on naming all of the ships for you. It seems like too much work for not much payoff, so I’m just going to name the reoccurring ships. Too many of them, really. Like I mentioned last post, while I’m a history buff, I’m more interested in geopolitical history and not so much technical details like ship names. I’m just in this for the cute anime girls and some great action scenes.

And that’s what we got this episode. Cute girls, great action, and once again Azur Lane delivered that amazing animation that I hadn’t expected from this series. This is a very beautiful anime.

As for the story, well, I’m not expecting anything too deep. Not much happened this episode story-wise, but I don’t think this anime is going for a profound story. Which is fine by me, because it’s still very enjoyable to watch, and once again I really appreciate the level of detail put into the animation.

I think my theory from last episode, about girls ages relating to the class of warship they are, might have been proved incorrect this episode. We got to see a Royal Navy carrier that looked pretty young, so maybe it’s just random. Or maybe my theory is still correct, but there are exceptions. I hope my theory is still correct though, and that we are introduced to a Bismarck that has some serious “bombshells”, if you catch my drift…!

We were shown some images of the two factions, with a closer look at the “Axis” faction (Iron Blood + Sakura Empire). So I think I’ve found both the Bismarck and the Yamato. Judging by the Yamato’s appearance, if I’m correct, then my theory about the girl’s ages corresponding to their warship class is just wrong.

Anyways, let’s get to those highlights and I’ll show you.

Episode Highlights

Both Factions

Axis Faction



Recovery Effort

Sakura Empire Gals + Prinz Eugen

Pursuit Fleet

Queen Elizabeth (Royal Navy Carrier)

Ocean Clash

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  1. It’s not winning any awards for storytelling, but it sure is pretty! I am completely lost with the characters now baring a handful. There’s just too many that have been introduced too quickly.

    Also, what the hell was with the chicks?

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