Keijo!!!!!!!! (Season One)

Keijo!!!!!!!! is an amazing anime that has just as much fan service as it does exclamation marks in the title. After going through the entire season, what did we think about this swimsuit paradise of an anime?

Keijo Ecchi Anime Girl Swimsuits Nozomi


The anime takes place in a world where the sport keijo exists. Keijo is an all-female sport where women seek to knock each other off of platforms into water using only their breasts and their butts. Our story follows Kaminashi Nozomi as she starts her new life as a student at Setouchi Keijo Training School, working her way towards becoming a professional keijo player!

A Sports Anime for Everyone

Perhaps this is a bold claim, and it really only applies to me, but Keijo!!!!!!!! is to this day one of the very few sports anime that I’ve completely watched and absolutely enjoyed. It’s a sport that even I can’t turn down! As someone who loves swimsuits (especially one-piece swimsuits), in addition to breasts and butts, Keijo!!!!!!!! was a real hit. You don’t really have to like sports anime to like this one, I think.

The level of fan service, and ridiculousness is just so over-the-top that Keijo!!!!!!!! is a wild and fun ride.

Keijo!!!!!!!!! Anime Girl Swimsuit Ecchi Miyata Rin Rokudou

The Crazy Techniques

There were many crazy techniques the anime introduced to us, each unique to a different character. At first when getting into this anime I didn’t expect this sort of thing, but once the anime introduced techniques, EVERY girl had to have one. It creates this dynamic where you can’t help but wonder what each new opponent’s technique is!

For the record, I had a favourite technique.
And that was one that was introduced quite late in the anime.

The breast quickdraw!

Something about a girl posing as if she’s about to draw a katana, only to whip out her naked breast on her opponent was just hilarious and awesome to me. And if you’re wondering why it’s a naked breast, it’s because she uses her swimsuit’s elasticity to propel the breast out towards her opponent!

The Passion

Now this actually is an aspect that I believe is also present in other sports anime – the passion! Despite keijo being a fairly nonsensical sport that wouldn’t ever be that entertaining in real life (matches would be over in literal seconds), you really get a feel for the passion of the characters! Nozomi and her energy are contagious. That girl never gives up!

In addition, when the anime gets into more competitive territory, I definitely found myself cheering for the girls when they faced off against some tough opponents. And the anime did a good job in building up the tension for these matches as well. Keijo is a crazy and exciting sport to watch, in anime form at least.

Ecchi Art Digital Sub

Season Highlights

Let’s get some highlights of the girls, their swimsuits, and some of the action here before I wrap this up with the final ratings!


Story / Characters – Excellent

What can I say, the story and characters of Keijo!!!!!!!! really worked for me. At face value the anime just looks like it’ll be some shallow fan service anime, that doesn’t put much effort into anything but the ecchi. However, Keijo!!!!!!!! didn’t feel like that at all. The passion of the characters and hilarity of the sport made this a legitimately fun story to follow. The ecchi sure helps, but the value of everything else can’t be understated for this one!

Ecchi – Smoking

This is fairly obvious, considering the entire anime is focused on cute anime girls in swimsuits, their boobs, and the butts. Every single episode is packed with fan service and girls using their breasts and butts in all sorts of unique ways. Just seeing all the swimsuits alone makes this anime a real treat to watch too.

Wrapping Up…

Keijo!!!!!!!! may appear to just be a ridiculous ecchi anime, and I guarantee that many people have turned down watching it specifically because of that. However, if you actually give it a chance and follow along, you may just find yourself enjoying how passionate and crazy this anime is! Despite the overt ecchi, Keijo!!!!!!!! really hods up well as a fun anime. And naturally, this means that if you are also a fan of ecchi content, this anime is an absolute no-brainer!

Keijo!!!!!!!! Swimsuits Ecchi Anime Graduation

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  1. No arguments from me. This is one of the greats. It’s so much fun and gets you surprisingly involved. Nozomi’s passion for the sport is infectious and you can’t help but want to see her succeed. I really hope we get a second season.

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