Love Hina (Episode 11) – Starstruck

Naru gets boosted into show business thanks to Kentaro and becomes a full-fledged idol! How will Keitaro react to this development?

The Idol Shooting for Tokyo U is a Prep School Student: Sing

Finding out the episode title is becoming something I look forward to.

In this episode, Naru wins a contest hosted by Kentaro, and things begin to escalate from there as Kentaro brings Naru around to various magazines and whatnot. Eventually she becomes an idol with no free time to herself.

Meanwhile, Keitaro is feeling a bit jealous of Naru’s success. After all, he was hoping to get into Tokyo U with her. But he feels like she doesn’t really have a reason to try for Tokyo U anymore with her new idol job. But being an idol is becoming too time consuming for Naru, and so she comes back to the Hinata Apartments to hide out.

Kentaro, unable to find Naru, tells the press that she has gone to work on her new songs. He then grabs Motoko and Shinobu and brings them into the idol sphere as well, as the duo called “Sword and Flower”. This gives Naru more time to relax, and she goes out with Keitaro. Keitaro ends up pushing Naru a little too hard to continue being an idol, and she punches him.

The next day we find out that Naru is no longer an idol because paparazzi snapped a photo of her violent side. We also find out that Motoko and Shinobu are not idols anymore either, because Kitsune stole box office money and gambled it away.

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Episode Thoughts

This was a pretty fun episode. I’m glad we got to see more of Kentaro and his savvy business sense. I’d like to imagine that he paid out loads of money in order to get Naru popular, as well as Motoko and Shinobu, all for them to just stop being idols. Because Kentaro is that type of guy who would spend ludicrous amounts of money to try and win women over. In an interview he was trying to put his arm around Naru like they were a couple, but she blew him off. So I’m pretty sure that this all was just Kentaro’s plan to try and get Naru for himself.

The episode even featured a full song by Naru. These days you don’t often get an entire song in an episode, but I remember a lot of older anime dedicating the full 3ish minutes to a song. I think Haruhi did it as well with God Knows… While I’m indifferent about it, there’s a bit of nostalgia associated with full songs in anime.

So overall I’d say this was a great episode. And in typical slice of life style, a lot happened, and yet in the end, nothing really happened as everything is reset back to what it was.

Classic Ecchi Moments

We managed to get a couple ecchi tropes this time around!

Kentaro Flash

Kentaro climbs up through the hole in his room’s ceiling to Naru’s room, but his pajama bottoms get caught as he does so, causing them to fall down.

Wet Clothes

Sort of a trope.. but Naru’s clothes get wet as she hides in the bathtub while Kentaro is in it. After she gets out Kentaro can’t help but gawk.

Episode Highlights

Naru’s Rise to Fame

Sword And Flower

Naru’s Fall From Fame

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