Maou-sama, Retry! (Episode 3) – Character Change!

Another Holy Maiden arrives at the city Kunai is currently residing in. The sister of Luna, she is called the Killer Queen! And she’s here to confront Luna about the rumours of a demon lord in the area.

Killer Queen

Now that he’s made it to a city, Kunai needs to make some money. He goes to an art / collectibles shop and manages to sell a junk item that he created to the owner for a gold piece, all while convincing the owner that it was worth at least 5 gold pieces. The beginning of a profitable relationship has been born.

Meanwhile, we find out that the very angry looking blonde woman from last episode is Luna’s sister, and a holy maiden. Called the Killer Queen, she’s quick to anger but strong.

As Kunai is walking through the city he comes across Killer Queen and hides around the corner. Luna shows up and is berated by her sister for going off to fight the demon lord, and Killer Queen isn’t convinced there even is a demon lord. Luna mentions that she has the demon lord under control, because he is obsessed with her butt.

Their argument is cut off as a group of Satanist cultists attack them with magic. The sisters and their soldiers fight the cultists and manage to defeat a large group of them, forcing one cultist to release a powerful dark spirit called Hades. The two sisters are brought to their knees. Kunai, who was watching, becomes crippled by the ring on his finger that is telling him to kill everyone. In an act of desperation, he opens up his admin console and clicks “Change Character”.

He then changes into Zero Kirisame, a fighter with white hair and a white jacket, and proceeds to defeat all of the cultists using dragon themed fist-fighting techniques, all while acting very hard boiled and edgy. This causes the Killer Queen to become completely infatuated with him. He leaves the scene and changes back into Kunai, embarrassed that he had just acted so edgy.

For a brief moment we see a pair of adventurers selecting a job when they notice a wanted poster for Kunai. The episode then ends with Kunai, Aku, and Luna in Luna’s carriage that is likely headed towards the capital.

Episode Thoughts

I loved this episode! It was just so funny to watch the Killer Queen’s reactions to Zero Kirisame, how she was falling head over heels for him after every edgy comment he made. I think it would have been nice to see more of Killer Queen prior to seeing this side of her, but it’s still funny to watch this woman who is feared by everyone around her just lose her mind over Zero.

I thought the action was pretty good in this episode too, all things considered. This episode more than the previous two I noticed many scenes with poor animation, and the fights themselves you could tell they were trying to minimize the amount of animation required to convey what was happening. But even then, I think they did a good job.

I’m generally not a stickler for animation when I find the content itself entertaining anyways, and the animation is good enough for the scenes that count.

So now there’s not only one, but two edgy characters for Akira to play – Kunai and Zero. One a demon lord, the other a powerful fighter. I wonder if there are even more characters that he will be able to change to in the future. I have to give the anime some credit here – this is a feature I’ve not seen before in an isekai anime, and it has great potential for some funny situations.

Overall, this was just a fun episode. We got to meet the Killer Queen, Zero, watch some action, and laugh at the Killer Queen’s reactions to Zero. There’s also those two adventurers we saw, which I imagine will be encountering Kunai at some point in the future.

Once again I’ll be looking forward to the next episode!

Episode Highlights

Luna Moments

The Killer Queen

The Adventurers

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