Miru Tights (Episode 1) – School Commute Tights

Three second-year highschool girls commute to their first day of school in the rain, resulting in some.. wet tights.

School Commute Tights

Miru Tights is a series of 4 minute episodes following three highschool girls – Ren, Yua, and Homi, as well as their homeroom teacher, Okuzumi-sensei.

As you’d expect, there’s really not much to say here, but I’ll do my best to help you all visualize the sequence of events.

In this episode the three girls all go to school separately. While Ren’s feet get a little wet, Homi’s feet get very wet as she accidentally jumped into a puddle, and the proceeded to jump into puddles on her way in. They all end up in the same class, and Homi, sick of her legs still being wet, proceeds to leave the classroom to take off her tights when she bumps into Okuzumi-sensei. And then the episode ends!

Watch It Here!

The premiere episode of Miru Tights was actually released on YouTube! So if you have 4 minutes to spare, and would like to spend them on watching anime girls in tights, you can totally do that!

You have to watch it on their YouTube page you can go there using the link below.

Brief Thoughts

As you’d expect, this series is hyper-focused on tights. Many scenes and shots only show the girls from the waist down, and the camera often pans towards their feet / legs and focuses on them. The characters themselves are stylized to be more ordinary (no colourful hair, “obvious main character” looks), which makes sense given the focus on the tights themselves.

In addition, the show has this gentle piano soundtrack that’s actually fairly relaxing. It’s an odd addition that works, and somehow gives this anime about tights a gentle feel.

Overall, the series is clearly about tights, but with the way the scenes are displayed and from the gentle soundtrack, it has this abstract feeling to it that almost made me feel like I was viewing a piece of art, or something like this. Odd but interesting. One thing is for sure, and that’s plenty of images of tights!

And just to clarify, because from what I’ve read, the artist behind this series is called Yomu… I have no relation with them or their work!

Ecchi Highlights

Morning Commute

School Arrival

Meeting Ozakumi-sensei

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  1. Ah, thanks for the link — I was looking for this the other day but was having trouble tracking it down. Good to know it’s officially on YouTube. (FYI, the channel doesn’t allow video embeds, so the vid above doesn’t work; you can click through to watch it on YouTube, though.)

    And goddamn, is it me or is this gratuitous short-form fetish anime not one of the most beautifully presented things I’ve seen for a long time? Dang. I am 100% on board.

    Who am I kidding, I was on board the moment someone said “tights”

    • It really is just a four minute lover letter to tights, isn’t it!

      That’s annoying about the embedded video. They get the views so what does it matter where people watch it.

      • Yeah, I’m not sure why people do that either. I believe the theory is that people are more likely to subscribe if they hit a video on YouTube itself rather than embedded in someone else’s page.

        You *can* subscribe from an embedded video, but the subscribe button is more obvious on YouTube.

        As with most manipulative behaviour in social media marketing, this tends not to affect me; if I watch something cool as an embed, I’ll go subscribe regardless of where I watched it!

        • Yeah, I’m the same. I’m more likely to not watch it though if they’re making me jump through hoops and if I don’t watch it, I’m 100% less likely to subscribe.

    • Ah figures about the YT embed, it worked when I previewed the post but I guess this is fine too.

      And yeah haha! I was pretty blown away at how detailed and meticulous this anime is in showing us tights.. it gets better too, just you wait. Episode 8 I believe is the one titled “Tights under the kotatsu”

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