Miru Tights (Episode 11) – Valentights

It’s Valentine’s day in Miru Tights, which means… Valentine’s day and tights. Ren goes to Yua’s house after school in order to give her a gift, but she ends up going a little overboard in the end!


Ren wins a stuffed bird anime to give to Yua, because Yua gave her chocolates that morning and she wanted to return the favour. When she gives the bird to Yua, Yua tells her that she should have just given herself as a gift instead. And so, while Yua is preparing tea, Ren does just that and wraps herself up in red ribbon.

This was a great episode that showcased Ren and her tights. While we’ve seen them before, we haven’t seen them with a ribbon, and so I’d say this was a worthwhile episode. It’s important to experience new things like this – who knows when we’ll ever get to see ribbon tights again?

Ecchi Highlights

Ren Obtains and Gives Bird to Yua

Yua Advances on Ren

Ren Ties Herself Up

Yua Returns

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