No Game No Life (Episode 1) – Two Siblings Born in the Wrong World

In Japan, there existed a legendary group of gamers, known to have never lost any game. They were known for always leaving their usernames empty. This legend however, was just beginning for the two siblings known as “Blank”.


The episode starts out with “Blank” defeating 1200 higher level players in a particular video game. We find out that Blank is actually a pair of NEET siblings – Sora and Shiro. Together, these two have the skillset and abilities to overcome anyone when it comes to games. Unfortunately, the real world is much more than just games..

They receive an email with a link to a game of chess. After a long battle, the siblings manage to win the game and begin to receive more emails. Emails asking them if they think they were born in the wrong world. Their response causes them to teleport to a new world – Disboard. A world where games decide everything.

The god of games, Tet, brings Sora and Shiro to Disboard. He tells them the 10 rules of Disboard – rules that boil down to everything being determined by games, as there is no violence in this world.

Sora and Shiro begin forging their path fairly quickly, first defeating a group of thieves in a game and taking all of their belongings, and then defeating a cheating poker player and receiving her money. We learn that there is currently a tournament taking place to determine the new king, and that the leading participant is cheating..

Ecchi Art Digital Sub

Episode 1 Highlights

While there weren’t too many ecchi highlights aside from some panty shots of Shiro (there will be more ecchi content in future episodes), there were many great shots of the Disboard world. No Game No Life uses a very high saturated colouring style that makes everything seem almost too colourful. It’s actually quite unique, something that I think gives this anime character.

The biggest draw of this show for me is watching Sora & Shiro do their thing: win games. While they can be considered overpowered in this world where games decide everything, I think what makes the show fun is watching just how they manage to win the games they win. Strategy, cunning, calculations… no two games in this anime are the same. And that makes each game feel fresh and exciting in it’s own way.

Anyways, there will be more No Game No Life to come.
I’ll finish this post with some images from the episode.

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