No Game No Life (Episode 11) – Love or Loved 2: Hit Her With Your Bullet of Love!

The final game of No Game No Life has finally begun. Taking place in a virtual city, it’s time for our characters to face off in Living or Dead Series Side Story: Love or Loved 2: Hit Her With Your Bullet of Love!

Killing Giant

The game itself is essentially Gal Gun, only with a bit of player vs. player action mixed in. Sora, Shiro, Jibril, and Steph are on one team and they have to shoot Izuna with their “love love gun”, while Izuna is trying to shoot them. In addition, there are NPC girls roaming the city who will flock to the players and drain them of their ammo. Players can also restore their ammo by shooting NPCs.

Also, if someone on the “good” team shoots a teammate, their teammate falls in love with them for a short period of time and has their ammo restored. Anyone shot by Izuna will join her team as a “love slave”.

And so, the game begins. Sora discovers that clothes block shots, but disappear in the process – leading him to expose the panties of some NPCs. Shiro goes after Izuna, and manages to corner her, forcing her to jump out of a window where she is ambushed by Jibril and Sora. Izuna manages to escape though. We learn after this that Izuna is cheating, as the Old Man is watching the game from outside and relaying everyone’s positions to her, essentially acting like a map hack.

After some struggle, Shiro comes up with a plan. She gets shot, and fakes being on Izuna’s team (her clothes were hit). Then she goes after Sora, he jumps off a building with her, and right when Izuna jumps after them they attack her. Izuna seems to activate some warbeast trait, causing her to glow red, and then the episode ends…

Episode Thoughts

This episode really had it all. Fan service, action, strategy. Pretty much everything one would look for in No Game No Life! Normally, fan service is really only present in the “downtime” episodes between games, so it was nice to see fan service incorporated into this game itself, just like with the shiratori game.

Not too much else for me to write about it though! It’s a much faster paced episode than previous episodes. There’s no real intrigue present in this episode, however we still haven’t figured out what request Sora made of Steph, or why Sora needed the ability to alter Fil’s memories. So clearly the anime is setting up for a very interesting finale to this game!

Episode Highlights

There are a lot of highlights from this episode, both from the action and the ecchi!

Learning the Game / Messing Around

The Game Is On

Shiro’s Plan / Izuna Getting Serious

Panty Shot Time

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