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Minato Sahashi is a 19-year old, failed university applicant living in Japan’s capital city. Down on his luck from failing his university entrance exam for a second time, Minato walks through the city when his paths happen to cross with a beautiful woman…


Minato is walking down the street after failing a university entrance exam for the second time, when a well-endowed woman falls into his lap – literally! The woman’s name is Musubi, and she is a Sekirei, a person with powerful fighting capabilities. The catch? She needs a male partner to unlock her powers. Until then, she is forced to flee from powerful enemies who are also Sekirei – in this case, a pair of electric twins.

As she has nowhere to go, Musubi ends up staying with Minato in his apartment. The next day, they run into the twins from earlier. The twins attack, and when it seems that all hope is lost, Musubi and Minato kiss. As a result of Musubi gaining her powers, the twins take off, as apparently they only attack Sekirei whose powers have not yet been awakened.

After the battle, the “professor” contacts Minato and Musubi via Minato’s television. We learn that there is a secret battle taking place in the city between ALL of the Sekirei.

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Episode Thoughts

Quite a bit happens in this first episode. Both in terms of story, and ecchi content. Sekirei wastes no time getting to nudity either, showing us Musubi’s naked breasts fairly early on in the episode. While there is still quite a bit that we don’t know, like if Sekirei are female only or not, it’s a good introduction to the series. It’s also nice to get some action in the first episode, with the electric twins fighting Musubi on multiple occasions.

Ecchi Highlights

A Fateful Encounter

The Morning After

Musubi’s Chosen Partner

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