Sekirei (Episode 4) – The Strange Tale of Maison Izumo

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With Kusano safe and secure, life goes back to normal for Minato and friends. There’s just one issue – it seems that someone has been secretly living in the boarding house!

The Strange Tale of Maison Izumo

The night after Kusano became Minato’s second Sekirei, another Sekirei used their power to destroy the entire forest that Kusano had been hiding in. It seems they have the opposite power of Kusano, the ability to kill nature as opposed to grow it.

Other than that, there were only a few developments this episode. Minato’s sister was on her way to the boarding house, Maison Izumo, when she ran into that Sekirei that had killed the forest earlier. She assumes that the Sekirei is a pretty boy, but I don’t know if men can be Sekirei? So maybe it’s a pretty boy, maybe not? Either way, the Sekirei is being attacked by another Sekirei, so Minato’s sister takes him / her back to her place.

In the Maison Izumo itself, there is another resident we haven’t yet met. A red haired, glasses wearing, large chested woman who seems to be very technologically proficient as her entire room is full of computers and whatnot. She gets jealous of seeing Minato with Musubi and so she commandeers some satellites to attack Musubi with lasers from space as Musubi is on her way home.

The episode ends with this mysterious guest making some moves on Minato while he is in the bath alone, which will make for an interesting next episode I’m sure!

Kusano getting startled by Musubi & Miya’s sparring.

Episode Thoughts

This episode felt pretty relaxed compared to the last few. There were no big battles between Musubi and anyone else, or any big battles in general. We did get a nice scene of Musubi training with Miya, as well as some moments of Musubi dodging the aerial bombardment coming from that mystery girl.

Seo did appear briefly in the episode along with the twins. He handed Minato a business card, which makes me think that sometime in the future Minato may end up calling Seo when he is in a pinch.

We also find out through a scene between Kagari and a lady in a limo that Miya, the landlady, is also a Sekirei. No surprise there, the entire Maison Izumo seems to be a gathering place for Sekirei. The mysterious girl is also a Sekirei, as we see the sign on her back at one point.

I’m thinking that next episode the mystery girl will become Minato’s third Sekirei. It’s great that the harem is coming together. Part of me does hope for more action in the next episode though!

Ecchi Highlights

Seo’s Visit & The Twins

Uzume & Musubi Take A Bath Together

Musubi Training & Flashback of Defeated Sekirei From Last Episode

Red-Haired, Big Breasted Mystery Girl

Other Episodes In The Series

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