Sekirei (Episode 6) – Harem Complete?

Sekirei Title

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Minato has found himself face-to-face with Tsukiumi, the sekirei famed for hating ashikabi. It seems he’ll have to prove himself if he wants her to join the harem!

Maison Izumo Flower War

The episode begins with Tsukiumi attacking Minato. Kusano jumps in to protect Minato by growing a large vine, but Minato then tells her to let him handle Tsukiumi. He’s realized that if he wants to win her over, he has to do it himself – letting his sekirei fight for him will only make Tsukiumi’s impression of him worse than it already is.

Minato survives one of Tsukiumi’s attacks, but doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. The twins, and Seo, who are watching the battle from a nearby rooftop, decide to jump in. The twins taunt Tsukiumi, and then proceed to kiss Seo in order to activate a powerful sekirei ability. They unleash a pillar of lightening at Tsukiumi.

This creates a chance for Minato, and he jumps in to protect Tsukiumi. The twins purposely miss because they don’t want to harm Minato. This causes Tsukiumi’s opinion to shift a little.. she retaliates on the twins, and one of her water blasts hits Seo, causing a cat that he had caught as part of an odd job to run away. Angry, Seo dashes down and pins Tsukiumi against the vine Kusano had created earlier. Embarrassed, Tsukiumi is unable to fight back. Seo threatens to make her his sekirei slave.

Minato then steps in and declares Tsukiumi his sekirei, and Seo stands down, but not before being zapped by the twins out of jealousy. Tsukiumi then tells Minato that he will have to take responsibility, and kisses him, becoming his sekirei. Later on, Tsukiumi finds out that she is the FOURTH sekirei in the harem, making her upset. It seems there will be some serious competition for Minato’s attention going on in future episodes!

Episode Thoughts

So the harem has expanded to four girls. One of which is a child though, and I think Kusano is more just there to be cute because she doesn’t like violence. But Kusano aside, this means we have three busty sekirei in the harem. Now, previously I had pegged Tsukiumi as the one with the biggest breasts, and this may be true, but we do see that when she is in the bath with Musubi their breasts look almost the same size. Matsu also has a large rack… I wonder if Tsukiumi’s regular outfit just makes her chest look bigger than it is?

I guess it doesn’t really matter that much. Minato’s in a pretty good spot regardless. I imagine Tsukiumi will settle down a bit as time goes on and become more comfortable with the whole harem situation.

I also thought it was a bit funny how Tsukiumi just moves in with Minato, just like that. Did she not have anywhere to stay previously? I guess she just wandered the city or something?

My final point will be that we got to see the classic “harem protagonist risks his personal safety for a girl in order to win her over” in action. It’s a great way to show the protagonist’s strength without him actually being strong, in a physical sense. It shows how selfless he is, despite his inability to actually fight.

I wonder if this is it for the harem?
Tsukiumi seems like quite the acquisition, and a good character to cap it off… but more variety can never be a bad thing also, right?

Ecchi Highlights

More of the Electric Twins!

Tsukiumi Moments

Matsu’s Curves

Bathtime with Musubi and Tsukiumi

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