The Testament of Sister New Devil (Episode 7) – The Depths of Love and Hatred

The Testament of Sister New Devil Title

It’s the fight between the Hero Party and Basara, so get ready for… err… lots of fighting! Don’t expect much else, which is odd because ecchi and fighting usually go hand in hand!

The Depths of Love and Hatred

Basara, Mio, and Maria meet up with the heroes to settle the situation with regards to Mio. They create an alternate realm to battle in and fight! Basara is almost instantly thrown high into the air by Kurumi’s wind magic, leaving the lead hero with the spear to attack Mio and Maria.

Basara refuses to do anything that will hurt his old friends but ends up knocking Kurumi out of a window. Her armor breaks and her magic has been exhausted, but Basara being the hero he is, saves her and puts her on the ground gently. Yuki sees this and attacks him, knocking him out. She then goes to protect Mio and Maria, while Kurumi looks after Basara…

Mio and Maria continue their fight but are struggling to stop the hero. Then Yuki arrives and gives Mio a chance to run to Basara. She manages to revive him and he saves Yuki. The hero’s magic spear loses control and reverts to the spirit animal form, but Basara banishes it with his attack. The fight is called off and Mio is left to continue as she was. Yuki and Kurumi must return to the Hero Village for punishment.

Episode Thoughts

This series just seems to flipflop all over the place. One week it’s borderline hentai and other weeks it’s duller than anything. Sadly, this was the second instance. You’d think a fight with these characters would have been full of skirts fluttering in the wind and exploding costumes, but it was not. Sure, there was one exploding costume, but that was it. I can’t believe they took an entire episode for this dull ass fight with no consequences in the end. This episode was a disappointment. There were only five images in the highlights and two of them are not safe for work (barely)!

Ecchi Highlights


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