• Ecchi Lite – Series that contain ecchi, but are more or less focused on story/comedy. May contain the occasional panty shot or beach episode fan service, but you can expect more anime than ecchi with this category.
  • Ecchi – Much like Ecchi Lite, the standard Ecchi category covers series that focus on story/comedy, however, have no issue including fan service and other ecchi elements on a regular basis. You can expect ecchi/fan service in most if not all episodes of anime in this category.
  • Ecchi+ – Ecchi+ is a category for ecchi series that are primarily focused on fan service and actively find a way to display it. Ecchi+ anime are likely to incorporate ecchi/fan service concepts into the actual plot. Likely to contain more fan service, nudity, and sexual elements.

Rating System

Here at Ecchi Hunter, we have a two-category system that we use to rate series, each comprising of 5 tiers.

Ecchi Content

Cold – Cool – Mild – Hot – Smoking

Story / Characters

Awful – Average – Good – Great – Excellent

With this system, we hope to provide you with a good idea of both the quality of the ecchi content as well as how enjoyable the actual story/characters are in the series reviewed.

The Authors


The Otaku Author – Writer of stories and watcher of anime!
Blogger at otakuauthor.com.
Loves strong women, swords, and strong women with swords…


Pair of distance glasses.
Anime blogger over at umaiyomu.wordpress.com.
Loves fantasy and slice of life anime, as well as ecchi!


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