Ao-chan Can’t Study (Episode 1) – Ao-chan Can’t Enjoy Her Youth

Ao Chan Can't Study Title

Every since Ao revealed the origins of her name, she has hated men, choosing to focus on her studies so that she can escape from her miserable life.

Ao-chan Can’t Enjoy Her Youth

Ao once revealed the origin of her name. It was given to her by her father, a noted erotica author. He said it was as in “show ’em your A-O-face!” Since that moment, Ao has made it her mission to avoid men and focus on studying so that she can go to a university far-far away.

Everything seemed to be going to plan until a boy, Kijima showed an interest in Ao. Determined to put her life back on track she resolved to tell him that she hated him, so when the gym teacher asked AO to take Kijima’s uniform to the infirmary as he’d sprained his ankle, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

But once faced with him, she found herself unable to tell him. Then her perverted father intervened, attempting to help her score, things went from bad to worse and before she knew it, Kajima had confessed his love for her…

Episode Thoughts

This was far tamer than I was expecting, almost boring. On top of that, Ao’s father is a bizarre chibi style character that is so over the top it’s silly. This made all of his interactions seemed that much more forced and odd. There also wasn’t much in the way of ecchi content with a tiddy pudding probably being the most shocking moment. I hope this series picks up as it goes, but it wasn’t the best start.

Ecchi Highlights

At School!

Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 1 Ao-chan
Ao-chan Can't Study Episode Imagined Kijima 1

At Home!

Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 1 Ao's Father The Erotica Author
Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 1 Tiddy Pudding

At the Infirmary!

Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 1 Ao's Father Encouraging Ao
Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 1 Ao Stopping Kijima Seeing Her Father
Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 1 Ao's Bra Exposed
Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 1 Ao's Bra

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  1. Been meaning to check this show out, I heard it was quite good, like a more ecchi version of Quintuplets

    • Interesting! I’d say this series is nothing like Quintuplets. Ao is smart and focused, but she’s developing feelings for a boy which is interfering with her studies. It has a lot of sexual humour, but as far as ecchi content it probably has less than Quintuplets.

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