Ao-chan Can’t Study (Episode 4) – Miyabi-chan Can’t Be Beaten

Ao-chan Can't Study Title

Ao-chan receives a disturbing photo of Kijima in a compromising position and doesn’t know how to react, especially when she discovers who the girl with him is!

Miyabi-chan Can’t Be Beaten

Ao’s father walks into her room first thing in the morning to deliver a letter but gets scolded for walking in without knocking. In the garish envelope is a picture of Kijima in bed with another girl. Ao blames her father, although he swears it wasn’t him so Ao goes to school to confront Kijima.

Before she gets the chance, the soccer coach drops Kijima further into it when he mentions the social they had the night before and the girls! Ao doesn’t know what to do or how to react, until she meets an old school friend, Miyabi. It turns out Miyabi is the girl in the photo and has set her sights on Kijima.

Ao tries to get to the bottom of things by phoning Kijima, but that just makes things worse and they agree not to talk to one another, leaving Miyabi free to make a real move. They go to a haunted house on a date, but Ao is there with her father also. The night ends with Ao following Kijima and Miyabi to a love hotel…

Episode Thoughts

This series is definitely getting funnier and more enjoyable with each episode. I am also starting to really enjoy Ao’s father. He is hilarious, with his pen names and serious voice when giving advice, but his high-pitched squeaky voice the rest of the time. He’s without a doubt my favourite character in the series so far. Still not a lot of great ecchi content, but the sexual humor is great.

Ecchi Highlights

Rise and Shine, Ao-chan!

Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 4 Ao Wakes Up

The Threesome!

Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 4 Ao Imagines Threesome

The Other Woman!

Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 4 Miyabi

Don’t cry, Ao-Chan!

Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 4 Sad Ao

The Love Hotel!

Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 4 Miyabi And Kijima At Love Hotel

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