Ao-chan Can’t Study (Episode 8) – Kijimi-kun Lacks Stamina

Ao-chan Can't Study Title

Ao still can’t believe that Kijima didn’t make a move when they were at the beach. She’s tracked all the possible chances he’s had, but can’t work out why they’re both still virgins!

Kijimi-kun Lacks Stamina

There was the time when they were alone in the nurse’s room and her bra was exposed, the time at camp, but his friends were there, and then at the beach. So why hasn’t Kijima made a move on her? She’s not exactly been playing that hard to get for a while now.

Then, Kijima messages Ao to invite her to watch him play soccer. That’s when she realises that he must be too tired. She agrees to go and prepares a special picnic full of foods known for their aphrodisiac properties. What she doesn’t know is that her father laces the eel with his special virility potion.

After the game, with Kijima’s team lost, Ao gives him the food and then is helpless as he forces her to the ground and climbs on top of her, stroking her thigh. But then he unexpectedly pulls away and says that he respects her too much and doesn’t want to do it like this. She’s frustrated and tired of playing games, so she finally has her chance to end it…

Episode Thoughts

It was great seeing Ao trying to work out why he wasn’t putting any moves on her. She really has a dirty mind and it’s great, even when she imagined what it would be like if they flipped genders. It’s mostly funny because she’s expecting him to do things and he thinks he’s being a gentleman by not doing them. It was sad seeing Ao cry at the end when she told him to stop bothering her…

Ecchi Highlights

Doing the Math!

Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 8 Ao Calculating Why They Haven't Had Sex
Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 8 Ao Frustrated

If Ao was a Boy!

Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 8 Ao's Imaginary Kijima As A Girl
Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 8 If Ao Was The Guy

Sexy Picnic!

Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 8 Ao Made Kijima Sexy Food
Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 8 Kijima Makes A Move

Ao Can’t Commit!

Ao-chan Can't Study Episode 8 Ao Breaks Up With Kijima

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