Are You Lost? (Episode 10) – HONEY BEE

Homare finds some bamboo that’s been washed ashore. It’s ideal to make their camp better, now they just need to get it back there.


Tieing the pieces of bamboo together, Homare creates a couple of rafts. She can then float them in the water and drag them back. She just needs Asuka and Shion to sit on the rafts and stop them from coming back to shore. Sounds easy, but the girls glad to be back on solid ground soon enough. Once Homare has split the bamboo, she begins to build a better shelter, complete with a rain-catching ability.

Shion comes face to face with a bee! Sounds terribly until Homare finds the hive and informs the others that they could extract the honey. This is a good thing, but the girls are still scared. Shion sees Homare getting stung and rushes in to help. She’s determined to be more useful around the camp and offers to go fishing with Homare. Shion needs to use the raft as she can’t dive, but a riptide pulls her out to sea!

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Episode Thoughts

This episode was fun but didn’t really do much. Sure, they made a better shelter and found honey, but none of it really stood out like a lot of the other survival tips from previous episodes. Maybe, we’re all just becoming too knowledgable? Anyhow, there was the moment with the bats flying out to sea which confused Homare as bats don’t tend to do that. There must be something nearby that they can’t see and with Shion drifting out to sea, I feel like these two things will come together. There are only two episodes left. Will they get saved?

Ecchi Highlights

Got Wood!

Are You Lost Episode 10 Homare Explains how to move wood

Hello Honey!

Are You Lost Episode 10 Homare Warns them about Bee Stings

Gone Fishing!

Are You Lost Episode 10 Homare Fishing

More Fishing!

Are You Lost Episode 10 Homare and Shion

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