Are You Lost? (Episode 12) – How to Replenish Water

Homare found Shion and now they need to get back to the island, but they don’t have any clean water and they’re dehydrating fast. What could they possibly do?

How to Replenish Water

With only a couple of bottles of dirty water, Homare and Shion start their journey back to the island. Both are struggling and Shion is thinking of drinking the dirty water. But Homare explains that if they drink it they will experience vomiting and diarrhoea within thirty minutes. There is a safe way to take on the fluids, however…

… the only way would be through the colon! That means getting water past the anus!!! Shion seems pretty shook up about the idea, but Homare isn’t about to let her die. She tells Shion to take off her panties and bend over before taking a mouthful of the dirty water. I guess you can’t just pour it in…

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Episode Thoughts

Well, that’s how you end a series! That was hilarious and also factual, which makes it even funnier. On top of that, the fact that it happened to Shion makes it ten times funnier, especially when Homare asked her to return the favour and explained that she’d need to push her tongue in before releasing the twenty mouthfuls. I am dying here!

For the final episode, we didn’t get the usual credits but instead saw the girls setting a boar trap and Asuka getting Shion to test it out. Then as the girls continue to survive we see a boat racing through the waves. Of course, it’s Homare’s father. I guess the only worry here is that her father sees how well they’re doing and decides to join them… What a great way to end this series. I’ve loved it and am definitely going to miss it.

Ecchi Highlights

Is there Anything Here?

The Voyage Home!

How to Replenish Water!!!

Are You Lost Episode 12 Homare spitting water into Shion's bum

I need to ask a Favour!

Are You Lost Episode 12 Shion after Homare spat water into her bum
Are You Lost Episode 12 Shion spitting water into Homare's bum

Let’s get Home!

More Traps!

Help is on the Way!

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