Are You Lost? (Episode 9) – Homare’s Papa

Worried about their skin getting burnt, or turning them into Gals, Homare tries to prepare solutions for each of them. As more and more issues show up, Homare thinks back to her Papa’s teachings.

Homare’s Papa

Homare used some of the rope from the last episode to create a handle for her knife and then made a case using resin and rabbit poop… Either way, the group know has a couple of knives so that’s helpful. Later, Asuka is concerned that she is getting a sunburn. Luckily, Homare has a couple of solutions. The first involves squid ink, then there was an incident with some seaweed, and finally the squid’s liver.

A number of small issues pop up, forcing Homare to recall her Papa’s lessons as she grew up. It turns out he had an answer for pretty much anything and the girls are infinitely grateful for it.

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Episode Thoughts

There was less of a clear thread to this episode as it seemed to bounce around between issues. It was fine and had some good moments… Asuka and Homare covered in goo for example! Obviously, we were spoiled with the hot pool episode last time and it’s hard to follow that. There were plenty of little nuggets of information, but nothing as fascinating as some of the earlier ones. There are only three episodes left. Will the girls get rescued or are we putting our hopes on a second season?

Ecchi Highlights

Papa’s Lessons!

Are You Lost Episode 9 Homare's Dad Giving Advice
Are You Lost Episode 9 Homare Has a Knife

Dangers of Overexposure!

Are You Lost Episode 9 Tanned Shion and Asuka

Gone Fishing!


Are You Lost Episode 9 Everyone has Sun Protection but Shion

Drying your Underwear!

Are You Lost Episode 9 Asuka Drying her Underwear
Are You Lost Episode 9 A Gust of Wind Lifts Asuka's Skirt
Are You Lost Episode 9 Asuka Shion Embarrassed
Are You Lost Episode 9 Homare Approves

We All Stink!

Are You Lost Episode 9 Asuka Shion Homare Mutsu We All Stink

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