Are You Lost? (Season One)

Are You Lost? Title

Four schoolgirls are stranded on a deserted island and with no sign of immediate rescue, they are a going to have to learn to survive on their own.

The Overview

An accident on a school trip left four schoolgirls adrift on a piece of debris. In an attempt to survive, they swam for a nearby island, but it was uninhabited. Regardless, now it’s up to them to find a way to survive until help comes. There are in luck, however, as one of the girls, Homare, is an expert in survival techniques having spent most of her life in situations like this with her father.

There’s lots to do as the girls go about collecting the necessary things they need such as shelter, water, and food. They also do a bit of exploring and find an old derelict house and a hot pool… As we go, the girls all learn about survival from Homare and grow as a group of friends. Sometimes, however, you need to do things you wouldn’t normally if you are going to survive…

Are You Lost Episode 8 Asuka Homare Shion and Mutsu Hot Pool Naked

The Story

The story is fairly simple and is often broken down into a number of different tasks. We learn a lot of survival techniques from Homare along with the other girls. Some of it I was aware and some I wasn’t, but it’s all very interesting and the relationship between the girls is nice, if not fully explored. The main focus of this show is surviving on a deserted island with only what you can find and make to aid you.

The Characters

Are You Lost Episode 3 Homare Getting Undressed

Homare is the survival expert. Throughout her childhood, she went on expeditions with her father who taught her all about living off the land and what to do when you only have yourself to rely upon. She’s fairly quiet and considered but confident in her knowledge. Homare is definitely not a girly girl and has no qualms in doing whatever it takes to survive. Whatever it takes!

Are You Lost Episode 4 Asuka Tests Homare's Snare Panties

Asuka is the playful member of the group. She is loud and cheerful. Her skills don’t necessarily come in handy her, but she is willing to put the work in, often helping Homare with fishing, gathering, and testing traps, which seems to be her forte.

Are You Lost Episode 8 Mutsu Naked Beneath the Stars

Mutsu is the bespectacled geek. She has a wide and comprehensive knowledge of lots of things but isn’t much of a hands-on girl. There were times when her knowledge would complement Homare’s and she was keen to prove her worth. She’s probably shown the most growth in the group and is always willing to listen to Homare’s instructions.

Are You Lost Episode 3 Shion Loving Shower

Shion is the pampered princess. She likes to lie around and wait for the others to do everything for her. Later, she does realise that she’s been a burden and tries to pitch in once Homare gets stung by bees. This, of course, leads to Shion getting swept away in a riptide, leaving Homare to break her father’s rules in an attempt to save her.

Are You Lost Episode 12 Homare's Father is Coming

Homare’s Father isn’t in it much, except for the occasional flashback and a brief moment at the end of the series, but his influence is one of the main factors in the group’s survival. He’s not a conventional father, but what he did was to prepare Homare for any occasion.

Fan Service

Four schoolgirls on a tropical deserted island… of course, there’s going to be fan-service. It is definitely in the ecchi lite category as it’s mostly bras and panty shots. There is the hot pool episode which raises the game considerably and also the final episode which pushes things to a whole new level. It’s also one of the most shocking/funniest moments in the series. I’m still dying!

Ecchi Highlights


Story Rating: Good

For a series of twelve-minute episodes, I think it actually does a surprisingly good job of telling an engaging story. Yes, it does focus on the survival elements and tasks, but there is a story that flows throughout the series. I also enjoyed the characters and liked that they all grew. Homare ignored her father’s advice to save a friend when I get the feeling she’d been a bit of a loner before this. Shion tried to help and even remembered some of what Homare taught her. Mutsu developed her hands-on skills and was prepared to try anything. Asuka probably had the least growth, but she definitely proved her worth to the group.

Ecchi Rating: Mild

As I said, it’s mostly bras and panty shots. There are lots of them, but they certainly aren’t the focus of the series and when they do happen it’s mostly for laughs or because they’re swimming. The girls are all very attractive and have incredible bodies which helps to make remembering the survival information that much easier. Seriously, I want all educational material to be presented in a similar manner.


I really enjoyed Are You Lost? and was sad to see it end. The episodes are short and succinct. The information is presented well and it’s definitely memorable. There are definitely some things that I will never forget. Who knows, some of it may one day save my life. If that’s not a good enough reason to watch it, then do it for the girls. This was a fun series and I hope we get more like it.

Are You Lost Episode 12 Good Night Shion Homare Mutsu and Asuka

Episodic Highlights

If you still want some more, there are more images and highlights on the episode reviews below.

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