Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen (Episode 1) – I Will Lend You the Key to the Armor Shop

Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen Title

After being rescued by a mysterious maiden who then dropped a bag of gold, Kautz was determined to return it to her. However, he never expected to find her working in a sexy armor shop!

I Will Lend You the Key to the Armor Shop

Inside the sexy armor shop, Kautz apologises for walking in on them doing whatever it was they were doing. He hadn’t expected stuff like that to happen while the owner was out of the shop. To his surprise, the man with his face between the mysterious girl’s legs was the owner. That’s not all, Narden has a dream to make every adventuress wear his sexy armor. Surprisingly, Lilietta is all right with that. Kautz returns there gold and can’t believe that they were going to go out of business without it. It turns out that Narden’s dream is so strong that he continually sells his armor at such reduced rates that they are bleeding money. Before he can realise what he’s doing Kautz offers to manage their books and help turn the shop around. Narden is grateful for his help and hires him on the spot!

Episode Thoughts

So, this is yet another series of four-minute episodes about bikini armor… Although this time, it’s from the perspective of the shop owner who makes the bikini armor. There’s, obviously, not much time for development and I doubt we’ll get much in the entire series, but it was pretty funny. Not Bikini Warriors funny mind you, but as the episodes are only four minutes long, I will happily drift through the series, hoping for the occasional great moment. We shall see!

Ecchi Highlights

Welcome to the Sexy Armor Shop!

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