Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen (Episode 2) – Life is Armorful

Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen Title

When a customer comes into the shop looking for armor, Kautz gets to see firsthand how much of a challenge he’s up against. Narden convinces the customer to try on some sexy armor and then practically gives it away!

Life is Armorful

Before long a customer enters the store in search of some armor to boost her agility. Narden has a set he’d like her to consider, but she’s not keen. He’s not about to give up, however, and once she sees the price, she agrees to try it on. He tries to offer another, more risky set and she completely refuses. Once the armor is on, she can feel just how light it is and we the low price she agrees to buy it. Kautz can’t believe it, especially as she paid a fraction of what it cost to make. He explains to Narden and Lilietta that they need to increase their prices and then asks if they are dating. They are not, which is great news for Kautz… and possibly Narden…

Episode Thoughts

It was another short and sweet episode. In this one, we got to see Narden’s selling skills and another adventuress try on some bikini armor. I had to laugh at the second set of armor Narden tried to recommend and feel like this could be a recurring joke. The armor looked great on her, so that was a bonus too. It’s pretty tame so far and I feel like we’re going for the sexy armor of the week style episodes.

Ecchi Highlights

I’m looking for some Armor, but not that one!

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