Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen (Episode 3) – I Want to Eat Your Armor

Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen Title

Kautz still doesn’t truly appreciate the bikini armor, but when Lilietta tries on Narden’s latest creation, the effects surprise him, forcing him to reveal things he never knew he wanted!

I Want to Eat Your Armor

The latest set of armor is made out of lace and Liliette looks quite ravishing in it. Kautz can’t stop staring, and before he knows it, he’s on his knees demanding that she stand on him and kick him. He has become bewitched by the magical power of the armor. Luckily, Narden knows the fun way… sorry, the most efficient way to break the spell. He slaps Kautz on the ass and the spell is broken. Narden offers Kautz a charm that would protect him, but even that isn’t effective against the armor. Kautz is bewitched once more.

Episode Thoughts

This was easily my favourite episode so far. Seeing Kautz, the straight-laced member of the group losing it at the sight of Liliette was excellent, but it was Narden swooping in to slap his ass that really made the episode. Honestly, it’s only four minutes long, but I was laughing for all of it. Hilarious!

Ecchi Highlights

Bewitched by Lace!

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