Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen (Episode 4) – New Armor Shop Paradise

Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen Title

Kautz discovers that Liliette lives above the shop with Narden and it’s hard for him to hear, although Liliette’s hand strength should be far more concerning. That walnut didn’t stand a chance!

New Armor Shop Paradise

Kautz can only imagine what might be going on with Liliette and Narden living together. However, Narden then tells Kautz he has a spare room and it’s next to Liliette’s room, if he wants it. Of course, he wants it! He’s already imagining how his life might go and it’s glorious! Narden even offers him some new armor, although he’s not so keen on that prospect.

Episode Thoughts

Not a lot happened at all in this episode. There were a few laughs which centered around Narden and his attitude towards bikini armor. We’ve also discovered that Liliette is incredibly strong and even with a pair of gloves that limit her strength, she can still crush walnuts and apples in her hand! That’s a definite red flag! She sure is cute though…

Ecchi Highlights

Living together…!

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