Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen (Episode 5) – Breakfast in the Armor Shop

Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen Title

Kautz achieves happiness and that’s the end of the game… Well, Narden is a little disappointed that they haven’t showcased more bikini armor, and thus the game continues…

Breakfast in the Armor Shop

In an attempt to make things more interesting, Liliette has a bath with Mokuku… lucky bastard! Meanwhile, Narden gives Kautz his paycheck which he refuses as he’s already getting a place to live. Narden hugs him and leaves his pay in his back pocket. It’s important for the community to spend your money and keep things moving. Kautz says he should charge the correct amount for the bikini armor, but Narden insists he gets paid in joy and excitment…

Then, they hear a noise from the bathroom and run in. Liliette was in the bath too long and fainted. Narden tells Kautz to hurry and fetch some bikini armor… er… he means water, but Kautz has fainted too as he achieved too much happiness!

Episode Thoughts

So this episode was funny. It started off with the series ending, which was unexpected, but then it picked up again with Liliette in the bath. Seems like the perfect transition to me. Anyhow, Narden continues to make Kautz uncomfortable in the funniest ways possible. I loved how he revealed that before Liliette and Kautz lived with him, he would eat bread for dinner and stare at bikini armor. I also had to laugh at all the Liliette posters they have.

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