Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen (Episode 6) – All You Need is Armor

Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen Title

One of Narden’s regular customers comes into the store when Kautz is alone and ask him to recommend some new armor. He’s struggling to find something suitable, especially as she’s stunning!

All You Need is Armor

Frealica arrived at the shop covered in blood and gave Kautz quite a freight. However, it wasn’t her blood so that was all right. She did need some new armor and asked Kautz to recommend some, no doubt keen to see what he might suggest. Kautz, however, was still suffering from the boob bounce’s damage to his vitality and couldn’t find one suitable. Eventually, he settled on a see-through combination which gave Frealica a chuckle.

While changing, she asked Kautz for some help and when he got close enough, she pulled him into him changing room and asked him what he thought. He was instantly defeated and passed out from blood loss. When he woke, he found Frealica and Liliette kneeling over him. It was all too much and he passed out again…. and again… and again… and again. Would this loop ever end?

Episode Thoughts

I’m already a big fan of Frealica. She seems to be the more daring and mischievous counterpart to Liliette. Together, they are clearly too powerful for poor Kautz to handle. I will admit that I was getting frustrated with the looping at the end, but it was also kind of funny. Surely, they’re not going to do it again… yep, they did it again…

Ecchi Highlights

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