Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen (Episode 8) – Pirates of the Armor Shop

Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen Title

Frealica has been hanging around the shop lately. It turns out she doesn’t have much money and gets free drinks there, so Narden offers her a job, but then slimes enter the shop!

Pirates of the Armor Shop

Narden offers Kautz some bikini armor to help him fight off the slime, however, he’s not going to wear that! Frealica saves him and defeats one slime, but then Liliette returns to the shop and crushes the other two. Everyone gains a boost from the action, although Kautz takes a critical hit when he see Frealica and Liliette covered in slime.

He wakes to find them both kneeling over him and spirals into another cycle of waking and losing consciousness…

Episode Thoughts

I know these episodes are only four minutes long, but even this one felt like a waste of my time. It had one funny moment which was Narden telling he would know when to put the bikini armor on, but other than that it was terrible. This episode used the JRPG graphics for the most part with the occasional still image laid over the top, and then the odd live action shot. It was not a good episode!

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