Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen (Season One)

Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen Title

Kautz was saved by a mysterious woman who fled the scene, leaving behind a bag of money. He tracked her down to a boutique armor shop for ladies and gentlemen, and that’s where the adventure began!

The Overview

The boutique armor shop for ladies and gentlemen specialized in bikini armor, with most of it being quite risque. Kautz was shocked to find the girl that saved him working and living there with the owner Narden. After realising that they were hopeless with business and money, he offered to help and soon found himself working and living there too. Could this be his chance to get close to the mysterious Lillietta or will there be more to this shop that he can handle?

Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen Episode 4 Kautz will take the room

The Story

So, first things first, these episodes are four minutes long and as such there really isn’t much in the way of story. For the first half of the season, it was fairly casual and seemed to be doing an awkward moment of the week style series. Then, for the second half, it turned into a continuing story and, if I’m completely honest, that is where it lost me. It was fun and goofy for the most part, but the last few episodes just got too daft.

The Characters

Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen Episode 1 Kautz and Mokuku

Kautz is the hero of the story and he’s pretty much hopeless. However, he is the least hopeless of the characters which is kind of troubling.

Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen Episode 3 Kautz sees Lilietta trying on some new armor

Lillietta is the love interest. She’s insanely strong and beautiful, but also a bit clueless. I wanted to see more of her, but she seemed to vanish more often than not in favour of Narden.

Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen Episode 1 Narden

Narden is the owner of the armor shop for ladies and gentlemen. He’s also the chief designer and advocate of bikini armor. He’s probably the funniest character in the series with his dry, deadpan humour.

Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen Episode 6 Frealica

Frealica is an adventurer and friend of Narden. She likes to tease Kautz and even ends up getting a job at the shop too.

Fan Service

Fan-service was fairly light, which was surprising. I was expecting something more akin to Bikini Warriors, but this was nothing like Bikini Warriors. The girls were nice, but again, they really weren’t given enough screen time. The series wasted at least a minute each episode with the OP and ED.

Ecchi Highlights


Story Rating: Awful

Like I said, when it didn’t focus on a story it was much better, which can’t be a good thing when looking at the quality of the story. As such, I can’t give this anything but the dreaded awful rating.

Ecchi Rating: Cool

Again, there just really wasn’t enough bikini armor for a series about a shop selling bikini armor. This should have been an easy way to showcase more and more outrageous costumes and a variety of sexy adventurers.


I cannot recommend this series at all, and even though there is a second season, I cannot continue. It may get better, but I doubt it and there are far better things I could be watching, so it’s goodbye, Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen!

Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen Episode 11 Narden uses Now Loading

Episodic Highlights

If you still want some more, there are more images and highlights on the episode reviews below.

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