Azur Lane: The Animation (Episode 10) – Orochi Project

This will be the last episode of Azur Lane for a while, as the series will be going on hiatus until March 2020! Despite this, the story for the anime continues with some bold moves by Kaga, as well as more scenes of Enterprise having an existential crisis.


As mentioned, Enterprise continues to have an internal crisis. She refuses to eat or interact with others, and suffers nightmares featuring some white haired girl who may or may not be a siren. That aside, everyone else seems to have recovered from the last engagement with the Sakura Empire.

On the Sakura Empire side, word has come down that the Orochi Project is to be cancelled. Kaga fights the decision, but is shut down.

After another nightmare, Enterprise is forced to eat something by Belfast, and then the base is attacked. A powerful Siren was behind it, and she managed to steal back the cube. The girls scramble, but the Siren seems like she would be a powerful opponent.

Meanwhile, Kaga disobeys orders and steals what I’m assuming was the Orochi, a giant siren-looking battleship. Massive, really.

And the episode ends there, meaning that there looks to be some serious conflicts on the horizon… in March 2020.

Episode Thoughts

First off I will admit that I am getting a little sick of Enterprise’s character being all gloomy and edgy all the time. I guess there is a reason for it, and while we have seen a lot of warship girls, that Enterprise is supposed to be that conflicted hero that struggles with themselves and then overcomes it in the end. We’ll have to see, if we even remember any of this when episode 11 comes out.

I thought this episode was pretty good overall though. A good combination of story development, tension, and action. Plus the cute girls. This episode really ramped up a lot of the plotlines, so it’s a bit of a shame that we won’t actually see what happens until after the hiatus. That said, the overall story of Azur Lane still feels a bit rushed and not very deep.

Anyways, that’s about all I’ve got for this episode. I liked it. Now we have to wait several months to see what happens next!

Episode Highlights

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