Azur Lane: The Animation (Episode 11) – And We’re Back

First there was a delay in the anime release, and then there was a delay in us getting to it. But we leave no anime half-finished here at Ecchi Hunter, so we’re back to finish Azur Lane!


As a quick recap, episode 10 had ended with Kaga stealing the giant Siren ship and sailing off, branding herself a traitor to the Sakura Empire. In this episode, girls from all sides, siren included, face off in a giant battle on the ocean. The sirens seem to have some super explosive weapon that they are threatening the world with. And that just about does it for what happened this episode!

Episode Thoughts

Well, aside from having forgotten pretty much everything about Azur Lane until now, this episode was alright. Mostly action. At this point the story doesn’t really have an impact on me, both because I wasn’t really into it before, and because it’s been months. The girls are cute, I think the animation is good, but I just can’t get back into Azur Lane after I wasn’t really into it.

That said, if someone is binging this series with no delays this episode probably had much more impact.

Overall, I think my favourite aspect was the sirens. I like their crazy eyes and appearances, and almost wish we saw more of them throughout the series.

Episode Highlights

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