Azur Lane: The Animation (Episode 12) – Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

The battle continues as the Azur Lane girls take on the rogue agents and their siren co-conspirators. And then it concludes, along with this anime!


I’ve basically already written it out! The battle ends up concluding this episode, with all of the four Azur Lane factions banding together to defeat the sirens. Kind of the expected ending, where everyone gets along in the end to overcome the true enemy. That said, the very end eludes to the Iron Blood (aka the German faction) possibly stirring the pot, and we finally get to see the Bismarck at the very end, although we don’t get to see her fight. So a bit of a cliffhanger, but who knows if that’ll ever produce a sequel.

Episode Thoughts

It’s hard for me to give my thoughts anymore because the episodes are so straightforward. I think it was a good episode, but my interest in Azur Lane is just not that high so it was hard to get into. I thought the ending was predictable, but that’s just how it goes with these kinds of anime. It’s too cutesy to have a bad ending where the siren win, although I guess they could have gone with an ambiguous ending where the siren escape en mass or something.

Overall, I think it was a decent ending.

Episode Highlights

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