Azur Lane: The Animation (Episode 4) – Espionage

The conflict between the two warring Azur Lane factions continues. This time featuring some secrets up the Sakura Empire’s sleeve, and some amazing visuals!


The Sakura Empire forces all arrive back at their home base and get settled in. We are introduced to a large number of new characters on their side. We also learn of some new technology that they are in possession of that will allow them to control Sirens.

Meanwhile, Enterprise continues to be edgy, and Belfast continues to serve Enterprise in order to try and help her. The Royal Navy mentions that they are investigating the recent Siren activity. They also have spies in the Sakura Empire.

The spies happen to come across the Agaki as she is conversing with a Siren, and in possession of a cube that allegedly will let her control Sirens, or something like this. A Sakura Empire girl accidentally finds herself witnessing this, and the resulting chaos allows the spies to secure the cube and escape.

Episode Thoughts

Maybe I’m just being too harsh on Azur Lane now, but I just can’t get into the story. The Sakura Empire has an ace up their sleeve, and then it was stolen. That was basically the story progression of the entire episode. The rest was just cute girls and amazing backgrounds. Next to no action this episode.

It’s feeling to me like Azur Lane is just 99% pretty animation. That’s an exaggeration, but I think there’s some truth in it. This show wouldn’t be nearly as watchable if it wasn’t for the amazing animation. There are too many characters to count, we haven’t gotten much action in the last few episodes, and I have no motivation to really care about this conflict that we’ve just been thrust into.

I’m guessing that the reason the show is mostly focused on just showing us as many cute girls as possible is because they just want to sell their mobile game to viewers. “Look at all these cute girls you can collect!”. And that’s why animation and cute girls are everything for Azur Lane: The Animation. Makes sense at least.

That said, the backgrounds we got this time were beautiful. Pretty much desktop wallpaper quality, although I only captured the images in 720p!

Episode Highlights

Some Nice Wallpaper Moments

The Sakura Empire


Espionage and Escape

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