Azur Lane: The Animation (Episode 5) – Great Escape

Things continue in Azur Lane as the Royal Navy spies managed to escape with the Sakura Empire’s secret weapon, and are now hiding in the ruins of an island city…


The Sakura Empire, as well as some Iron Blood forces have surrounded an island that is completely covered with the remains of a city that was destroyed in the war with the Sirens. While reinforcements are on their way to try and break out the Royal Navy girls hiding in the city, they are at risk of being found out at any moment.

Eventually, they are discovered by some scout planes, and are forced to break out. Luckily, as you’d expect, reinforcements arrive in the nick of time. Some battles ensue between the two sides, and the spies manage to escape with Enterprise coming to the rescue.

Episode Thoughts

Going to keep this brief, because I’ll begin to sound like a broken record. Once again, many cute girls, beautiful animation. But we were introduced to even MORE new characters, and it’s hopeless to try and remember them all. Plus the story just isn’t that interesting, possibly because we were just thrust into things from episode 1 with no real setup.

The action was good though. Not a bad episode, although I’m having trouble getting motivated to watch Azur Lane given that the story just isn’t interesting at all to me so far. Still, there are many screencap worthy moments!

Episode Highlights

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