Azur Lane: The Animation (Episode 6) – Slice of Life

Azur Lane: The Animation continues to introduce more and more warship girls to us, all just sort of having fun and living regular lives. Has this show taken a twist for the slice of life?


Not much happens in terms of the overall story here. We basically watch warship girls of all ages doing things such as playing, shopping, bathing… et cetera. The Allied ships take a look at the cube they had acquired from the Sakura Empire, but not much is mentioned about it beyond a little speculation as to the Siren’s involvement with the Sakura Empire.

We see some girls playing on the Sakura Empire’s side too. That’s about it for the episode.

Episode Thoughts

This episode really drives home the anime’s true purpose – to show off warship girls in hopes that you want to download the app and collect them all! While it isn’t working on me, I guess I can see how it could work. Existing players of the game might also spot warship girls that they have and enjoy that too.

As an anime though, this episode was awful. In addition to just hordes of characters that I don’t know and couldn’t possibly remember, nothing happened. The bathing scene was also heavily censored, and even panties were censored with bars of light, taking away any shred of enjoyment I could have experienced here. They didn’t censor bikinis, but they just had to go and completely censor panties. I know they aren’t the same thing, but it still hurts…

I’ve been saying it since the beginning – my enjoyment of Azur Lane: The Animation is going to come down to the action and cute girls. I’m beginning to think that this leans much more heavily on the action, as cute girls are simply not enough. Especially when I don’t know any of them, because there are just too many.

Episode Highlights

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