Azur Lane: The Animation (Episode 7) – Cute Girls in Dark Times

Azur Lane is back after a short break and jumping right into the action as the warship girls head into battle, Sakura Empire versus the Royal Navy and Eagle Union. That and more edgy Enterprise in this episode!


We catch a glimpse of various warship girls prior to combat, as they sail towards their future battlefield.

Akagi intercepts the Royal Navy and Eagle Union fleets and uses some sort of magic to seal them off into a dark space. She then proceeds to summon all sorts of Siren ships to attack them. Akagi partakes in the combat herself as well. During the combat, Akagi faces off against Enterprise, and then loses her life after Enterprise seems to unlock some sort of hidden power.

Episode Thoughts

Yep, that’s about it. An episode of cute warship girls and action, the only two elements this anime really has going for it.

I feel like this war, which is supposed to be a very serious conflict between Azur Lane factions, doesn’t feel that important. It all just ramped up so quick before we knew who anyone was, and even now the only characters that are even memorable are just Enterprise, Akagi, Kaga, and Zuikaku. I’d probably have trouble naming anyone else at this point!

Which makes this anime just something where a bunch of cute girls fight each other. While it was interesting to see at first, it’s gotten uninteresting pretty fast for me. But you probably already know this, considering I’ve basically mentioned this in each of my posts since the 3rd episode or so.

On the positive side though, the visuals in this episode were stunning as usual. The girls also look amazing. The action is also top notch, and has been since the start. These two aspects of Azur Lane are well-done and I’d love to see other anime incorporate this level of quality! Imagine a full-blown ecchi battle anime with girls as cute as these, and action as great as this…!

My final note for this episode is that while we never really knew her, Akagi is a really cool antagonist. Love her design, and there were some moments in this episode where she appeared quite menacing. I’m assuming she’s gone for good with what happened this episode, we’ll have to wait and see on that.

Episode Highlights

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