Azur Lane: The Animation (Episode 8) – Frozen

The battlefield has shifted into a frozen wasteland, somehow due to the abnormal conditions created by Akagi. Both sides look to regroup and re-evaluate the situation…


Enterprise is still stuck in some sort of trance. Eagle Union and Royal Navy warship girls re-organize themselves and figure out what they want to do, considering the waters around them are now filled with tall glaciers and Enterprise is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, the Sakura Empire girls are still in shock about the loss of Akagi. Kaga insists on going out to search for her, but high command had issued the order to retreat, as they had lost their flagship (Akagi). Zuikaku insists on taking the role of rear guard while the fleet retreats.

Eagle Union / Royal Navy forces get a location on the Sakura Empire forces, and move in to attack Zuikaku’s unit. We see a scene of several Siren girls speaking, and they have Akagi with them. Ayanami, a Sakura Empire destroyer, then gets hit by a plane and begins to fall towards the tear in the sky. This causes Enterprise to wake up, and then Laffey and her friend save Ayanami.

Episode Thoughts

It looks like the budget is drying up, or at least that they pushed some scenes through this episode. Many moments it was fairly clear that the animation was sub-par. Personally, this is the first episode where I’ve noticed any moments like this, as this episode was filled with them.

As usual, we got some action and whatnot. Overall not much really happened – Sakura Empire forces are retreating, they skirmish with Eagle Union / Royal Navy, and then Ayanami falls into the sky, waking up Enterprise. I think that the environment with all the glaciers and whatnot was very pretty.

That’s about all I’ve got for this one, it doesn’t feel like this anime has very much in terms of substance so it’s more just watching the episodes play out and looking for cute moments / fan service.

Episode Highlights

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