Azur Lane: The Animation (Episode 9) – Aftermath

Once again Azur Lane takes an episode to wind down from the recent action, with a more slice of life approach showing off all of the warship girls. Which means, more of the same for the most part!


The Sakura Empire destroyer Ayanami was rescued by Laffey before she fell into the rift last episode, and now she is a prisoner of war in the hands of the Azur Lane forces. Which essentially means hangs out with the Azur Lane warship girls this episode, while continuing to ponder the purpose of the war.

Meanwhile, the Sakura Empire girls are sad that Ayanami was captured, and that Akagi was defeated. Kaga ends up meeting with the Siren that Akagi was working with, and looks like she is burning with revenge. However, many of the other ranking Sakura Empire girls seem to want to cancel the Orochi Project, which I believe involved the cube that was stolen, and the sirens.

Episode Thoughts

I realize that my thoughts haven’t been too detailed with Azur Lane for the most part, but I feel like the show lacks substance. Considering it’s an anime created to market a mobile game, I guess one can’t be too picky.

Anyways, once again I’ll throw out the usual and say that the girls looked great, but the story wasn’t there this episode. In addition we didn’t get any action, making for another episode of “cute girls do cute things”.

Sometimes Azur Lane just grinds to a halt, and this was another one of those cases. But at least the girls are cute!

Episode Highlights

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