Bikini Warriors (Episode 5) – Saving Things That Go Unused

Bikini Warriors Title

The Bikini Warriors need an ice staff for Mage so that they can defeat a dungeon boss, but it’s really expensive. They’ll just have to sell some of the stuff they have, but who would want to buy used bikini armor?

Saving Things That Go Unused

Amazingly, there are several buyers for the used bikini armor and they all seemed thoroughly impressed with their purchases. The Bikini Warriors are surprised and even more so that Mage’s armor went for twice as much. Anyhow, they’ve almost gathered up enough money. If they sell these potions that they have been carrying around for ages then that should do it. It’s not as if they need them!

With the ice staff acquired they head into the dungeon, although it’s nearly impossible just to reach the boss. They’re all exhausted and in need of a potion. If only they had some. However, that would have meant nothing if they didn’t have the ice staff… Oh, what’s that? A treasure chest… and it has an ice staff inside…

Episode Thoughts

All right, I thought this one was pretty funny. You can almost guarantee that as soon as you dump some items in an RPG, you’re going to need them very soon after. Then, there’s the magic item needed to complete a mission that you save and grind to get enough coins to buy only to find that it appears as an item you can win in the quest. They’re silly but still enjoyable.

Ecchi Highlights

How to Get the Money for the Ice Staff!

Used Bikini Armor!

Need More Money!

In Need of a Potion!

Treasure Chest!

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