Bikini Warriors (Episode 7) – Allies From Taverns May Disappoint

Bikini Warriors Title

The Bikini Warriors are looking to expand their party in the hopes of defeating the Demon Lord and bringing peace to the world, but then they remember the last time they ran into the Demon Lord!

Allies From Taverns May Disappoint

Originally, there had only been three in their party, but then they met the Dark Elf in a tavern and asked her to join them. She had an imposing appearance and obvious magical potential, although she was also a little too confident. Regardless, she joined and then led the group through the woods, getting them all lost for more than two days. Later on, she took up against a two-headed troll that turned out to be much more powerful than she had imagined.

The biggest blunder, however, came when they found themselves in a strange stone circle. Mage could sense a powerful force and urged caution, Fighter wanted to hit something, and Paladin seemed overwhelmed. Finally, Dark Elf told them something she had learned and pressed a stone circle. It teleported them to the demon realm where they found themselves face to face with the end boss – the Demon Lord.

Episode Thoughts

What is it with meeting allies in taverns? Almost every fantasy story has a tavern scene, even Star Wars has them meeting Han Solo and Chewbacca in a dodgy tavern. Is this really the best place to meet reliable party members? Surely, you’d be better meeting people on a quest or training. Anything that shows they’re not a lazy drunk… Hang on, am I talking about meeting your partner or a party member for a fantasy quest? Oh, well. I’m sure you can apply the same logic to both scenarios…

Ecchi Highlights

The Tavern!

The Dark Elf!



The Demon Lord!

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