Bikini Warriors (Episode 8) – Every Journey Finds New Friends

Bikini Warriors Title

The Bikini Warriors have found two potential party members, but they only need one. It’s up to Hunter and Valkyrie to go head to head to prove which one deserves to join the Bikini Warriors!

Every Journey Finds New Friends

Hunter is a bit of a country bumpkin but can cook some incredibly tasty food. However, the ingredients she used leaves a lot to be desired, regardless of how tasty it might have been. Valkyrie is an incredible fighter and makes quick work of a monster. The choice appears to be obvious, but Valkyrie is a bit of a snob and is rubbing the Bikini Warriors the wrong way.

It looks like the only way to solve this is for Hunter and Valkyrie to have a duel, which quickly descends into boob grabbing and giving each other wedgies! However, when the duel is over, Hunter and Valkyrie decide to form a party together and leave the Bikini Warriors to their own devices…

Episode Thoughts

This episode didn’t really do much and was just focused on showing us two new girls and then neither of them joined the party, which was for the best as both were pretty annoying. It was funny, but it was also probably the weakest episode so far.

Ecchi Highlights

Potential New Recruits!



The Duel!

Go Their Own Way!

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