Bikini Warriors (Episode 9) – A Hero Betrayed Has But One Choice

Bikini Warriors Title

Having defeated a wizard, the Bikini Warriors go on their way, but then Mage starts acting odd and accusing the others of betraying her. What could they possibly have done and what will they do about Mage?

A Hero Betrayed Has But One Choice

At first, they were surprised to think the Mage could think they betrayed her, but then Fighter remembered the time she gave Mage less food than anyone else. Dark Elf recalled the time she tried on Mage’s panties and broke them… Paladin thought it might be the way she ogles Mage and thinks about licking her entire body… No, it was none of those. Mage had been possessed by the wizard and was being used to attack the others.

However, each of their potential reasons for Mage to attack them seemed plausible and as a result, they needed to stop Mage before she could stop them. It was a swift and brutal attack and as the three surviving Bikini Warriors mourned their friend, Mage’s spirit pleaded with them to revive her, but they could not hear her!

Episode Thoughts

I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t expecting anyone to die, much less get killed by the other members of the group! It was funny that they are all not necessarily what you might call nice people and as such all believed they had a reason for Mage turning on them. To see them react so quickly to the situation was pretty funny too. I’m sure it’s not the last we’ve seen of Mage… at least I hope not!

Ecchi Highlights

The Wizard’s Final Act!

What Did We Do?!

Mage Can’t Stop!

Fighting Back!

Goodbye Dear Friend!

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