Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 1) – The Cat Who Fell to Earth

Cat Planet Cuties Title

Imagine waking up to find a hot alien cat-girl curled up asleep beside you! How do you think that would go? Would you be able to explain the situation to your friends? But what if your friends aren’t who they seem

The Cat Who Fell to Earth

Kio arrived at the annual celebration of a deceased relative with the beer his uncle Yuuichi had asked him to bring. When Yuuichi offered him a beer, Kio refused, but that led to him being teased for not even having a girlfriend. Yuuichi decided there and then that he would get Kio a girlfriend before the day was up. Well, Kio got to briefly meet a young girl in a strange outfit with cat-ears and a tail. He accidentally took a sip of Yuuichi’s beer and that was that.

He woke up the next morning with a headache and discovered that the cat-eared girl was asleep in his bed. Eris woke up and revealed that she was from another planet and had come to foster good relations. Unfortunately, they were interrupted by a knock at the door. Kio went down to find his neighbour Manami who had seen him come home with the cat-girl. She teased Kio, but then was blown away when she saw Eris.

Before long, Kio’s teacher arrived to do some work for the video club and was equally surprised by Eris. After seeing proof that Eris was, in fact, an alien, Manami and Maki left abruptly. Kio went out to meet up with another friend, Aoi, but she had to leave on family business.

Actually, it turns out that Aoi is some sort of assassin/special agent and has been assigned to take out Eris and Kio. Manami is also working with some sort of government agency and has been spying on Kio as practice. On top of that, Maki is a part of a secret organisation that is disappointed that humanity’s first alien contact is going to be with a race of cat-girls.

Episode Thoughts

Let me just start by saying, I love this series. It is the perfect blend of ridiculousness and entertainment. The ecchi content is awesome with Eris being the obvious standout girl in the first episode, but there are plenty more. Eris is lots of fun and seeing her roll around like a cat is great. So, it’s a big thumbs up for the ecchi and Eris.

However, the thing I love the most about this series is the absurd connections and how it all certers around Kio. The guy is as boring and bland as they come, but somehow he has these three people in his life, who are each a part of something secretive and that has taken exception to Eris and Kio. It is completely bonkers and that’s what makes it work. We know this isn’t a serious show, but the story is still a lot of fun.

Ecchi Highlights


The Party!

Morning Sunshine!


Reporting Back!


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  1. Must get around to watching this. My sole contact with it to date is the AMAZING animated porn Seismic did of Eris.

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