Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 3) – We’ve Come to Stay

Cat Planet Cuties Title

The Catians have met with the Japanese government to negotiate in their swimsuits… However, when the Japanese offer to pay for accommodation, the Catians say that they are staying with Kio!

We’ve Come to Stay

Eris convinced the Catians to attend the negotiations in school swimsuits based on some literature she found under Kio’s mattress… Needless to say, the negotiations were uncomfortable, well for the Captain anyhow, the others didn’t seem to mind. They returned to Kio’s house which they were now using as a permanent base. Soon after, Manami and Aoi arrived with their suitcases as they were both going on the run.

However, Eris suggested they stay there as the Catian Embassy was outside of Japanese law and no one could touch them there without starting a war. Manami who has lived across the street her entire life was fine with the idea, although Aoi seemed a little unsure.

Eris walked in on Kio as he bathed and tried to wash his back. This would have been fine if not a little awkward had Manami not walked by too. Infuriated with Kio’s lewdness she attacked chasing them both out of the bathroom where they ran in Aoi, still both naked.

After that madness had subsided, it was Manami and Aoi’s turn to use the bathroom. The discussion quickly turned to Kio as Manami had noticed that Aoi liked him. She asked if Manami liked him too, but she said they were more like best friends. The conversation was cut short when one of Eris’ droid was kidnapped setting off an alarm. With no time to think, Aoi and Manami jumped into action and chased down the kidnappers and recovered the droid, both still completely naked…

Episode Thoughts

This episode was excellent and it was the moment that solidified my love for the series. I was already pretty much sold on it after the first two episodes, but the scene with Manami and Aoi did it. Too often I’ll watch shows where strong and confident women are incapacitated by a bit of nudity. It’s as if we’re supposed to believe that women are precious and would turn into crying wrecks if anyone saw a boob or their bum. Well, that ridiculous myth is gone forever. I was so happy to see Manami and Aoi ignore the fact that they were naked and did what they needed to do to rescue the droid. Surely, that’s what any normal person would do in that situation.

They massively upped the ecchi level in this episode too with and splattering of nipples and bums, and not to mention the swimsuits. I doubled my highlights reel from the previous two episodes and I think it was worth it! What is it about those swimsuits that make them look so good? This series is just hilarious and I’m having a blast rewatching it.

Ecchi Highlights


The Embassy!

The Dogishaun!

Settling in!

Bath Time!

Intruder Alert!

Bed Time!

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