Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 4) – We’ve Come to Kidnap You

Cat Planet Cuties Title

Eris has been given an important mission by the Katians and needs Kio, Aoi, and Manami to go with her to Tokyo, but this is just the opportunity those that seek to harm Eris have been waiting for.

We’ve Come to Kidnap You

After an incident with some cat-nip, Kio and Manami discover that Eris is about to enter her first mating season, which is lucky because she’s already found a mate – Kio. Manami is shocked and demands that Kio correct her, but he steps out of the room in a flash. Aoi gets two Assist-a-droids of her own and goes through the initiation procedures and almost makes them terminate each other. Thankfully, she’s able to stop them at the last second.

Eris reveals that she has received a mission from Catia and will need Kio, Manami, and Aoi’s assistance. They need to travel to Tokyo to pick up loads of anime and manga… While there, Kio, Manami, and Aoi all become bewitched by the goods on offer and blow all of their money. On the way home, they are all feeling a little down and almost don’t realise that the train station is empty.

Aoi goes to investigate, leaving Manami to watch over Eris. It was, of course, a trap and Kio and Eris walked into it. Manami and the Assist-a-droids are glued to the floor by a group of attack maids from the Underside of the Kitten’s Paw, a cult that worships all things cat. They kidnap Kio and Eris and make their escape.

Aoi almost caught up with them but was defeated in the last second. Desperate to get Kio and Eris back, they seek help from the Catia’s and anywhere they can. Thankfully, Janis, Manami’s old boss is able to give them some intel. Now, they’ve just got to rescue them.

Episode Thoughts

There was a big reduction in fan-service in this episode and the story wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the previous three episodes. It was still fun and had some funny moments, but it seemed to be much more focused on setting things up for the coming episodes. Now, that’s fine, but I’ve seen a few shows that seem to take an entire episode to set things up and don’t seem to focus on that actual episode to make sure that it too stands on its own. It’s just a small blip and things will pick up, but they could have done more with this one, especially with them going shopping and actually being in a clothing shop at one point!

Ecchi Highlights

Cat Nip!

Going to Tokyo!


It’s a Trap!


The Hunt!

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