Cat Planet Cuties (Season One)

Cat Planet Cuties Title

Kio’s boring life changed forever when he woke up one morning to find a sexy alien cat-girl asleep in his bed. Before he knew it, his house had become an alien embassy and he was an ambassador!

The Overview

Now, Kio finds himself in the middle of this crazy series of events that stem from that time his uncle introduced him to a girl at a remembrance party and accidentally gave him some beer! It’s really not something to complain about as Eris is a lot of fun and is bringing Kio out of his shell. So much so that Manami, his childhood best friend and Aoi, his movie club friend has taken an interest in him. Of course, both live double lives and soon find themselves having to choose between their secret careers or Kio!

To make matters worse, a rival alien race has secretly been making connections with the humans and doesn’t want the Catians getting involved. And then there’s the cult that worships cats run by a teenage billionaire who is obviously very interested in Eris. It won’t be long before Kio wishes for his old life, but then… maybe not…

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 3 Manami finds Eris washing Kio's back with boobs

The Story

There are ups and downs throughout the series, but the story generally progresses at a nice pace and ultimately builds up to the final episode which was a really satisfying way to end a series. I will say this, at no point was I bored in Cat Planet Cuties and I really enjoyed the various nods to classic science fiction. They even threw in some quotes from people like Arthur C. Clark. On top of that, Cat Planet Cuties raised some very highbrow questions and was far more sophisticated than it probably had any right to be. Overall, I think the story worked really well and even though this series came out in 2010, I am still waiting for more.

The Characters

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 6 Eris jumps on Kio

Kio Kakazu is the run of the mill generic harem fantasy lead and that remains pretty much true all the way through the series. However, I don’t think I ever found him to be boring. There were times when he was completely clueless and that worked in a nice way. He’s also one of the few harem leads to end up with all the main girls. Thank you, Catia and your polygamous ways.

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 3 Eris towel

Eris is a cat-girl from the planet Catia which ironically is an improbably similar world to Earth. They even used to call it Earth and their DNA is almost identical. Anyhow, Eris is a goddess and while she’ll tell you it’s against her rules to accept any role impersonating a diety, it certainly fits. She’s fun and lively and completely uninhibited by standard Earth ideas. To the point that she found Kio’s questionable manga stash and uses it as a guide to all things on Earth. So, how about another game of strip poker?

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 7 Manami Red Bikini Beach

Manami Kinjou is Kio’s oldest friend. She even lives across the street from him and uses that to practice her skills that she’s developing to become a secret agent for the CIA. That’s right, she’s spying on Kio and that leads her straight to the discovery of Eris. However, people higher up that have been in contact with the Dogishuans use this information to kidnap Eris. Manami has to choose between the career she’s been working towards or helping Kio save Eris. Of course, she chooses Kio and rather than going on the run takes a security position at the new Catian embassy (Kio’s house).

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 7 Aoi white Swimsuit Beach

Aoi Futuba is in love with Kio and has been for a little while. She’s also a top-secret agent for the Japanese Defence Force thanks to her ability to teleport objects over a short distance. Her agency also takes an interest in Eris and when she’s asked to take her out, she refuses and joins forces with Manami. Aoi, however, struggles with the idea that someone like her deserves to be loved considering she’s a professional killer.

Fan Service

There is a lot of great fan service in Cat Planet Cuties and some of it is incredibly refreshing. All three of the main girls get in on the act and deliver time and time again. There’s one particular scene that is one of my all-time favourites. Someone had tried to kidnap one of the Catian Assitdroids. Aoi and Manami were in the bath at the time and instantly leapt into action giving chase on a motorcycle, both completely nude. Neither of them batted an eyelid about being out an about in their birthday suits or succumb to the crippling affliction that is nudity. On top of that, there is the main group of officers from the Catian mothership that are playing all manner of strip games all the way through the series. It’s a great series.

Ecchi Highlights


Story Rating: Great

At first, you might come into this series expecting it to be full of fluff, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a lot of fluff, but it comes with a great deal of substance. Cat Planet Cuties offers some great insights and never forgets that it’s a science fiction story as well as a harem ecchi series. The build-up to the finale is excellent and the final episode is the cherry on top. Then there’s the OVA which is like pouring a load of sticking syrup all over the top.

Ecchi Rating: Hot

While Cat Planet Cuties is uncensored and the girls are all great, it’s not on the level of say High School DxD or Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid. In some ways, it’s better and other ways it not. If you love the more classic ecchi tropes like characters falling over and accidentally groping one another, panty shots, and a little more romance then this is absolutely a series you will enjoy. If you just want to look at cute girls and boobs, it has that too.


Cat Planet Cuties is one of the best in my mind at being an ecchi and having a well-developed story and group of characters. It tackles some insane issues and does so in a way that most probably won’t even notice. There really aren’t many like this, so if you haven’t seen it, then you really should. It’s disappointing that we haven’t had any follow up in the ten years since it was released, but there is a complete story so you won’t come away disappointed.

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 13 Strip Janken Kio sees Aoi Antonia Sarah Eris Maya Ichika Nude

Episodic Highlights

If you still want some more, there are more images and highlights on the episode reviews below.

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