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Chivalry of a Failed Knight Title

Ikki lives in a world where you’re either born with power or you weren’t, however, that’s not about to stop him from following his dreams to become a Magical Knight. Sharing a room with a Princess may though!

The Worst One I

After an early training session, Ikki returns to his student apartment and finds a girl standing in his room, in her underwear. She’s flustered so he tries to make it right by removing his shirt. That didn’t really help. Anyhow, it turns out that she’s the princess that has just transferred to the school and isn’t too happy about what happened. Of course, it turns out it’s all an accident and that they are to share a room together…

That’s not good enough for Stella Vermillion and so she challenges Ikki to a duel to decide the rules of the room. As if that wasn’t enough, she ups the stakes by saying that whoever loses will become a servant to the victor for all their life… Ikki doesn’t seem too fazed by the challenge, which is confusing to Stella as he’s a rank F and she’s a rank A.

They duel and it appears that Stella has the upper hand, but that’s just because Ikki has been analysing her attacks. Now that he has worked out her style he turns the tables and should have won, if not for Stella’s ability to create magical armor. She’d wanted to avoid using her full power, but Ikki left her with no choice, but will it be enough to win and who will become the master and who will be forced into a life of servitude?

Episode Thoughts

I’d not heard much about this series so I’m going in completely blind which is how I like it. No preconceptions or expectations. And so far, so good. It was a fairly low key event in ecchi terms, but I feel like it’s just setting things up for the series. The situation Ikki and Stella now find themselves in lends itself to lots of awkward and accidental ecchi moments. I’m going to be watching to see how the master-servant thing works out, especially as there isn’t any sort of compulsion beyond honour keeping Stella bound to Ikki. It was a nice start and I have high hopes for the rest of the series.

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