Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Episode 11) – Another One: The Uncrowned Sword King I

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Title

Ikki and Stella are asked to help the student council once more and Ikki gets some insight into Toudou’s abilities. When they get back, a new story has broke, forcing the ethics committee to take Ikki into custody!

Another One: The Uncrowned Sword King I

Ikki and Stella continue to win their matches and are all set to keep their promise to meet in the finals. The success is certainly drawing some attention their way. As such, the student council asks for their help with another project. It turns out that Toudou and Totokubara are both orphans and regularly go visit an orphanage to help lift the spirits of the children.

They figured having an actual princess with them would be quite the boost for the children. While there, Ikki learns more about how Toudou’s abilities work and also what drives her. That makes him question his own goals and what is driving him.

When they return, they are met by Alice, Shizuku, and Kagami who have a newspaper with a picture of Ikki and Stella kissing. Within minutes, a representative for the ethics committee arrives and asks Ikki to go with him. He professes his innocence an insists he’s done nothing wrong, however, they hold him to continue the trail.

Ikki is not allowed to leave and even has to continue his fights there, all the while being abused and treated like a criminal. Eventually, he asks to see his father to talk to him about his innocence, which he surprisingly agrees to. However, it’s not what Ikki hoped. His father has never had any attachment to him and sees his desire to be a magical knight without any abilities an issue as it will give hope to those in a similar position.

Ikki is crushed and returns to his cell. The next day at the trail, he is told that he has one more fight left and if he wins, they will stop investigating him. If he loses, he has to give up being a magical knight. He agrees. His opponent is Touka Toudou!

Episode Thoughts

Well, this took a dark turn. How did we go from awesome fights, fun characters, and some mild ecchi content to a 1984esque nightmare? It was well done, but it felt completely out of tune with the rest of the series. Had there been some sort of foreshadowing of an event like this it would have felt less forced in at the end. I can’t say I enjoyed it, but then I feel like that is what they were going for.

It started nicely with more Toudou and she’s nothing like the persona she gives off when fighting. The final episode is going to be interesting, however, if Ikki’s father somehow changes his view, I’ll be pretty disappointed. If nothing else, he needs to be destroyed and have everything taken from him. Shizuku can take over the family for all I care.

Ecchi Highlights

Alone time!


Bad News!

So Very Dark!

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