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Chivalry of a Failed Knight Title

It would appear that Ikki has got a stalker! However, it turns out to be the daughter of a legendary swordsman who is desperate for him to help her with her skills, but she’s afraid to talk to him directly!

Sword Eater I

Stella and Ikki both won their next matches in convincing fashion and against two members of the student council no less. However, as they walked back their rooms from the fight, Arisian brought up the fact that Ikki had been followed for over a week now and that he should probably do something about it. Ikki agreed and despite the fairly obvious hiding spot, neither Shizuku nor Stella had noticed.

When Ikki confronted the girl, he panicked and tried to run. Unfortunately for her, she ran into a railed and fell into a pond. Ikki saved her and once she’d recovered he discovered that she was the daughter of one of his idol – legendary swordsman, Kaito Ayatsuji. She needed help with her skills and hoped that Ikki could help, however, she’d been too afraid to talk to him.

Ikki agreed to help her and after just one session was able to isolate the problem. Ayase had been desperately trying to copy her father’s moves, but because of the differences in their bodies, she was never going to be able to replicate them perfectly. Ikki suggested a different stance and helped her to position her legs, much to the shock of Stella, Shizuku, and Ayase. The improvement was instantly noticeable.

As a thank you, Ayase took Ikki and Stella out for dinner, but they ran into someone from her past who picked a fight with Ikki. Ikki took the hits and even stopped Stella from retaliating. He knew that if he’d used his device he would be expelled. Kuraudo soon grew bored and left. It was a good job Ikki didn’t do anything as two more members of the student council were present.

Stella asked Ayase what her history with Kuraudo was, but before she could answer her phone beeped. As did Ikki’s. They had both received the details of their next fight. They would have to fight!

Episode Thoughts

I enjoyed this episode too, and had to laugh when Ikki was adjusting Ayase’s stance, especially everyone else’s reactions. It was also funny that Shizuku and Stella hadn’t noticed Ikki being followed for over a week. I am getting a little frustrated with how unfair the rules seem to be for Ikki. He can be attacked by people with Devices and they seem to get off without any issue, but he’s constantly afraid that he’ll get expelled if her uses his. For example, how is it that the members of the student council were ready to subdue Ikki and Stella if they fought back, but did nothing about the group attacking them? I get that they’re from another school, but that seems incredibly one-sided. I can’t wait to see what Ayase wanted to meet Ikki for.

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The Stalker!

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