Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Episode 10) – Everyday Life with D

And we’re back with more monster girls, from that monster girl anime.
Also featuring plenty of fan service!

This Post Contains NSFW Images!

Everyday Life with D

In the first half of the episode, Kimihito is on a date with Centoria when she has a run-in with a succubus, who then hypnotizes her to become very… excited. After that, the succubus is caught by Rachnera.

In the second half, Kimihito, Suu, and Papi are in the forest when they come across a giant tree controlled by a toxin-infected dryad. Suu then ends up swallowing up toxic waste and becomes a giant, causing a giant fight to ensue. Kimihito ends up “sucking the poison” out of the dryad. Smith then arrives, promises to have the forest cleaned up, and allows the dryad to live there.

Episode Thoughts

I’ve actually been enjoying how the episodes are split into two parts. With comedy and slice of life type anime that don’t have a very meaningful story, I really like when episodes are compartmentalized into multiple parts. I’d even enjoy it if they broke it down into more than two parts.

The fan service was pretty nuts this episode. While I thought the first half was pretty weak, both in content and fan service, the second half with the dryad was pretty crazy and well done. Plus the second half was longer of the two parts, even though I say “half” it was more than that if I remember correctly.

Ecchi Highlights

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