Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Episode 11) – Everyday Life with a Dullahan

Well it seems we are almost finished with Monster Musume. But Monster Musume isn’t quite finished yet when it comes to introducing new characters!

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Everyday Life with a Dullahan

The first half of the episode features Kimihito going on individual dates with 3 of the girls from that monster special forces team – the ogre, zombie, and cyclops girls respectively. All to try and draw out the person who has been mailing threatening letters. In the end, all they catch is the doppelganger girl spying on them.

In the second half, Kimihito runs into a body missing its head. And so he and the girls go out to search for it, and find it in the park. They reunite the head with the body, and that’s pretty much it. The dullahan gives some vague threats at the end, saying that Kimihito is on death’s door or something like this.

Episode Thoughts

I think I’m starting to get a little fatigued of Monster Musume / Everyday with Monster Girls. The opening episodes really pulled me in and I thought they were very funny, but slowly I feel like that energy has disappeared. I’m not really finding the content very funny anymore, and it feels like the same formulas are being used over and over.

It’s a great cast of characters perfect for ecchi situations, and for the most part the anime has delivered, but I guess the anime has gotten a little dull for me. We’ll see how it finishes out though in the next episode.

Ecchi Highlights

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